Apple products

Given that our website states all computers, you may be surprised to learn that we are often asked if we work on Apple Mac computers, iphones or ipads.   The answer is YES.    Although we repair Apple desktop (iMacs) and Apple laptop (Macbooks) hardware as well as dealing with software issues, the hardware repairs for iPhones and iPads is limited.   This is because the screws inside are so small you need to have incredibly small hands and ours are not!

Hardware repairs are performed here rather than at your place of work or home because we need workshop facilities and it’s also quite likely we need to leave the computer in bits while we order parts.

We do find that many parts for Apple computers are very difficult to source new and even when possible the price is ridiculously high so it may be that we suggest second hand parts is some cases.    This should not be a cause for concern as the quality of Apple components is very high indeed and failure quite rare.

Until recently, the one exception in the quality area is the disk drive which is often just the same as the one you would find in a Microsoft powered PC.

For this reason backups are just as important.  If you cannot stand the idea of losing all your data and are not currently backing it up regularly, please talk to us and we can provide a solution.